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RE: Lesson Learned: Ordering Anything involving UPS

Title: RE: Lesson Learned: Ordering Anything involving UPS

>>I just found out that the UPS driver can decide to simply leave your package outside your door if you're not home<<

yeah- they do it in the UK too. a couple of times I've come home expecting to find a "we called but you were out" card from UPS, fedex, parcel-farce or whomever, & instead I've seen, from a distance, the various bits of council-provided garden furniture rearranged in an interesting way. we have these big wheelie bins for normal garbage, but also these little green boxes with lids supposably for recycling. they are about the size of a six-U rack unit.... I've found all sorts of packages in there, & a brick on top, & the whole thing positioned so that the wheelie bin would have to be moved to get at it or past it to the front door. I sort of wouldn't mind if I thopught the UPS (or whatever) guy knew what day the recycling box is supposed to be emptied, but also the arrangement of the bin draws attention to the whole deal.

but if I get stuff delivered to our mailroom at work, & there's some import tax to pay, the guy will take it away again unless the mailroom have exactly the right amount of money or the shipper has remembered to call me for my credit card # in advance, which they seldom do. one tape deck came here from LA, went back & came again because of this, & the 11,000 miles didn't do it's insides any good.

y'can't win.



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