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Re: Lesson Learned: Ordering Anything involving UPS

Hmm. I guess one needs to figure out how to have stuff labeled as being 
alcohol and hence requiring an adult signature. UPS never automatically 
leaves the wine club shipments at the door.

I had FedEx Ground deliver something to someone only to have the 
tracking information report that it was signed for by S. IDEDOOR. Since 
the recipient had had to leave town unexpectedly, it sat for quite a 

I've also heard reports that FedEx has a policy of not paying insurance 
claims -- or at least of making it very difficult to collect. I work 
with someone who sold via eBay some camera equipment to someone in 
Spain, shipped it FedEx, and had the buyer report that the box arrived 
empty. FedEx eventually coughed up the insurance money, but it took 
some arm twisting.

That being said, I still tend to go with FedEx Ground since I haven't 
found anything I prefer.