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RE: EDP/MF availability

> Matthew and David, I've been a Musician's Friend customer for years
> (~three).  Why would you think you needed to respond to their backorder
> notice emails?  There is nothing in them that indicates a need to 
> If your item was inexplicably cancelled (and I mean absolutely out of the
> blue), then yeah it was a serious goof on their part.  Is that what 
> saying?  Out of the clear blue sky, to your shock and amazement, your 
> was canceled?

It wasn't the normal backorder notice that we responded to. If an item is
backordered for more than 60 days (I think it was 60 days), they are 
(paraphrasing based on my recollection) required by law to cancel the order
unless you give explicit permission to keep the item on order. I can 
you the e-mail they sent if you want.

Actually, the e-mail pointed me to a customer service page where I had to 
in a customer service request to keep the item on backorder. I never 
received a
response to this request so I called them and they told me that they had
received it and it would remain on backorder (it was on backorder since Feb

So, I guess the goof was on your part, eh? That's okay, no apology 

- Dave