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RE: EDP Footswitch acting up...or is it just me?

On another note...my EDP 'record' button- with either EFC7 (replaced
switches with heavy duty metal ones), or via midi message (Digitech PMC-10)
sometimes double triggers or doesn't trigger at all. Hey this even happens
with the front panel button sometimes. A long press doesn't do anything. A
short press doesn't stop the loop. I might have to press it 2 or 3 times, 
a combo of footswitch/ front panel presses. I got used to the odd nature of
the record button (could both footcontrollers and the front panel switch
*both* be bad?) by not making so many rhythmic loops, but I hate having to
compromise sometimes. 

Dave Eichenberger 

> > trigger record or even clear the loop buffer. A single, short press 
> > will often just create a tiny loop instead of setting the
> ...
> This is a well-documented problem with the EDP footswitch. 
> It's happened to me. You'll probably have to clean the 
> contacts in the button but I recommend just getting a MIDI 
> footswitch such as the Behringer FCB1010. The EDP pedal uses 
> specific resistance values to trigger different functions. If 
> the button contacts get dirty, the resistance could change 
> and you could end up triggering the wrong thing or, in your 
> case, a double-press. I don't even use mine anymore because 
> it was becoming too unreliable (I have had both of the 
> problems I mentioned). The FCB1010 works great and you can 
> program it to do tons of things that you can't do with the 
> EDP footswitch.
> - Dave