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Re: EDP Footswitch acting up...or is it just me?

> I've seen that many times when there's dirt in the footswitch.
> Cleaning it out, or just pressing it a couple dozen times may fix it.
> Otherwise, probably time to replace the individual switch.

I think twisting the button while pushing it helped me too.

However, I don't recommend using the EDP footswitch at all. Yeah, it works
great most of the time but it's a major pain in the butt when it
malfunctions. Imagine doing a gig and having it malfunction then? Anybody
considering getting footpedal with their echoplex should get a MIDI pedal
instead. As I've mentioned, the Behringer FCB1010 works good for me and the
two expression pedals can be configured to control the feedback and loop
output volume. I think it's only $50 more than the Echoplex footswitch and
it lets you access many more functions.

- Dave