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Re: FS: Digitech 2120 (has 10 sec looper) and other music gear

Hey Mark,

Just so you know, the RP21D is really a 2120 in a floor pedal (like a 
Control 1).  MusicGoRound has one for $150.  I know you dig trying new 
stuff, but if the rack space was what kept you from keeping this gear (I 
love my 2112/20) then maybe you'd want the RP.

Glad to see you couldn't keep away from Loopers Delight either.



Mark Sottilaro wrote:

> Hey, spring cleaning is here so a few of my favorite things must go..
> Digitech 2120 artist with Control 1 controller.  $475 plus shipping.
> I LOVE this thing.  Great real tube guitar tone and great effects.   
> Good in front of an amp, or sans amp.  (I've not used it with a 
> guitar  amp in years and if anyone's seen me perform it's the main 
> guitar  processor I've used since 97) Only I find that it's rack 
> nature is  keeping me from getting out to jam with people.  I've got 
> the rack  deeply installed in my studio so it takes like a half an 
> hour to  disconnect and go.  It's in really good shape, except for the 
> 3rd data  write knob slips a bit when using it.  No big deal, you just 
> have to  make sure you go slower when you use it.  Used mostly in my 
> smoke free  studio.  It's got some cosmetic scratches, but nothing 
> big.  As a bonus  for you, it's not the ugly purple one, but an 
> upgraded 2112 (no  difference sonically):