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FS: Digitech 2120 (has 10 sec looper) and other music gear

Hey, spring cleaning is here so a few of my favorite things must go..

Digitech 2120 artist with Control 1 controller.  $475 plus shipping.

I LOVE this thing.  Great real tube guitar tone and great effects.   
Good in front of an amp, or sans amp.  (I've not used it with a guitar  
amp in years and if anyone's seen me perform it's the main guitar  
processor I've used since 97) Only I find that it's rack nature is  
keeping me from getting out to jam with people.  I've got the rack  
deeply installed in my studio so it takes like a half an hour to  
disconnect and go.  It's in really good shape, except for the 3rd data  
write knob slips a bit when using it.  No big deal, you just have to  
make sure you go slower when you use it.  Used mostly in my smoke free  
studio.  It's got some cosmetic scratches, but nothing big.  As a bonus  
for you, it's not the ugly purple one, but an upgraded 2112 (no  
difference sonically):


Here's a link that tells you all about it:


My music made with it: (Note, all the guitars are 100% 2120 and went  
directly into my MOTU 828.  The looped guitar did have additional  
processing on it at times)


... but Mark, what will I put that in?  Why not buy this 6x6x4 space  
Gator rack!?  $75 plus shipping.


NEVER USED!  I got it to put my drum machine in, but it made it to high  
for the keyboard stand I was using and I figured I'd eventually find a  
use for it, but never did.  Here's a link:


Boss WP-20g Wave Processor with cable.  MINT.  $170 plus shipping.

Bought to replace a GR-30, but went to pure keyboard synth soon after.   
Used 2 times.  Box, manual and everything plus the still in box cable  
(unit didn't come with one) If you love that 80s Fripp/Belew synth  
tone, this is your baby.  Mmmmm slow gear.  Discontinued so you can't  
get them any more.  Needs a GK-2 pick up to use.  Throw in another $50  
and you get one, but it's missing some mounting hardware.  Nothing you  
can't get at a local hardware store.


I've got good ebay feedback (user name barronmarkonan) and a bunch of  
people here can attest to my honesty.  Sold Kim, the man who we have to  
thank for this list, a pair of Mackie speakers a while back.  I'll ship  
anywhere in the US, but I keep getting burned trying to do overseas  
transactions, so US only please.

Mark Sottilaro