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Re: RE: Echo Pro - technical ping-pong

This is brilliant!  And I'm wondering if those individuals working with 
unbalanced signals could do the same by x-connecting the balanced XLR I/O.

Tell me: have you run into problems with "runaway" echo effects?  I could 
imagine that if you're not very careful with your gain staging you could 
get into trouble; having the echos cascade into a writhing wall of white 
noise.  That could be a nice effect in itself.  However, given some of the 
complaints I've seen on the list regarding individuals blowing up the 
stage of their DL-4's with too much signal, I'm always a bit careful with 
the levels going into my Echo Pro.  (Just in case....)

More to your original question, though, if you're accomplishing this via 
physical connection outside the unit, I don't see why you wouldn't be able 
to do the same by physically connecting the jacks inside the unit.  You'd 
have to have some decent soldering skills -- and it would most likely 
render the jacks useless for anything else -- but the only other thing I 
can think of would be testing the impedance and possibly inserting a 
resistor or capacitor in line to make certain everything matched up.

Actually, I think I'd probably contact a reliable repair tech.  It seems 
like an easy mod, but you'd probably best leave it in the hands of someone 
who deals with this sort of thing daily.  You never know if there are 
rattlesnakes waiting that you might miss.  That said, my first impression 
is still that I think you should be able to make it permanent if you wish.


At 12:18 PM 6/18/2004, nigel rushbrook wrote:
>  ok... to clarify this, yes - i'm not using the jacks for signal in or 
> out, i'm using the xlrs. the jacks are being used
>as the feedback loop. repeats is set to zero (otherwise it doesn't work), 
>the mix is set to loop.
>i got here because i realised that this is a "true stereo" processor - 
>left and right are, essentially,
>independent delays even when using as a mono effect. rather stupid, 
>really. unless you can get it to go ping and
>the feedback is NOT as stable as using the repeats control. an, perhaps, 
>the tone is different.
>if it really can't be done "properly" inside the machine, i would think 
>about adding my own repeats control,
>taking the signal through a gentle op-amp stage to raise the level and 
>improve the s/n ratio.
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>From:  the toy room  <thetoyroom@comcast.net>
>Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2004 07:55:50 -0700
>Subject: RE: Echo Pro - technical ping-pong
> >however, by patching (using the jack sockets) the left o/p into the
>right i/p and the right o/p into the left
>i/p... and then feeding the unit from an xlr i/p I can get a ping-pong
>delay from ALL of the delay models;
>repeats then being controlled with the output level control. (i was
>sooooo pleased with this:-) )
>ok...this setup sounds wild, and I'm willing to give it a whirl for
>shits and giggles.
>Let me get this straight.  XLR input to Echo Pro.
>Left o/p to right i/p (1/4" jacks).  Right o/p into left i/p.
>How is the audio coming out?  Via the XLR output?
>If the repeats are controlled with the output level control, what do you
>have the 'repeats' and 'mix' knob doing?  Do they come into play at all?
>How is the 'mix' setting programmed?  Does it come into play?  Is it set
>to global, program, or loop?
>Thanks in advance,
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