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Fwd: Re: RE: Echo Pro - technical ping-pong

Reposting this because one of my SMTP servers is being stupid.  Apologies 
if this comes through twice...

>This is brilliant!  And I'm wondering if those individuals working with 
>unbalanced signals could do the same by x-connecting the balanced XLR I/O.
>Tell me: have you run into problems with "runaway" echo effects?  I could 
>imagine that if you're not very careful with your gain staging you could 
>get into trouble; having the echos cascade into a writhing wall of white 
>noise.  That could be a nice effect in itself.  However, given some of 
>complaints I've seen on the list regarding individuals blowing up the 
>input stage of their DL-4's with too much signal, I'm always a bit 
>with the levels going into my Echo Pro.  (Just in case....)
>More to your original question, though, if you're accomplishing this via 
>physical connection outside the unit, I don't see why you wouldn't be 
>to do the same by physically connecting the jacks inside the unit.  You'd 
>have to have some decent soldering skills -- and it would most likely 
>render the jacks useless for anything else -- but the only other thing I 
>can think of would be testing the impedance and possibly inserting a 
>resistor or capacitor in line to make certain everything matched up.
>Actually, I think I'd probably contact a reliable repair tech.  It seems 
>like an easy mod, but you'd probably best leave it in the hands of 
>who deals with this sort of thing daily.  You never know if there are 
>rattlesnakes waiting that you might miss.  That said, my first impression 
>is still that I think you should be able to make it permanent if you wish.
>         -c-
>At 12:18 PM 6/18/2004, nigel rushbrook wrote:
>>  ok... to clarify this, yes - i'm not using the jacks for signal in or 
>> out, i'm using the xlrs. the jacks are being used
>>as the feedback loop. repeats is set to zero (otherwise it doesn't 
>>the mix is set to loop.
>>i got here because i realised that this is a "true stereo" processor - 
>>the left and right are, essentially,
>>independent delays even when using as a mono effect. rather stupid, 
>>really. unless you can get it to go ping and
>>the feedback is NOT as stable as using the repeats control. an, perhaps, 
>>the tone is different.
>>if it really can't be done "properly" inside the machine, i would think 
>>about adding my own repeats control,
>>taking the signal through a gentle op-amp stage to raise the level and 
>>improve the s/n ratio.
>>------- Original message -------
>>From:  the toy room  <thetoyroom@comcast.net>
>>Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2004 07:55:50 -0700
>>Subject: RE: Echo Pro - technical ping-pong
>> >however, by patching (using the jack sockets) the left o/p into the
>>right i/p and the right o/p into the left
>>i/p... and then feeding the unit from an xlr i/p I can get a ping-pong
>>delay from ALL of the delay models;
>>repeats then being controlled with the output level control. (i was
>>sooooo pleased with this:-) )
>>ok...this setup sounds wild, and I'm willing to give it a whirl for
>>shits and giggles.
>>Let me get this straight.  XLR input to Echo Pro.
>>Left o/p to right i/p (1/4" jacks).  Right o/p into left i/p.
>>How is the audio coming out?  Via the XLR output?
>>If the repeats are controlled with the output level control, what do you
>>have the 'repeats' and 'mix' knob doing?  Do they come into play at all?
>>How is the 'mix' setting programmed?  Does it come into play?  Is it set
>>to global, program, or loop?
>>Thanks in advance,
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