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Re: No MIDI from EDP buttons

    Hi John
Ill have a try

(I dont know the mpc)

> Hi.  I have 2 EDP's running with an MPC 1000.  I am using a FCB1010 to
> control EDP1 and the EFC-7 to control EDP2.  I can program button
> pushes from the FCB1010 to the MPC1000 but for some reason pushing the
> front panel buttons doesn't sent MIDI, nor does the EFC-7 on EDP2.

from  each edp midi out you should have the note ons duplicated from the
footped or front pushes [ Control source NOT]

>I  wanted to embed a couple of EDP MIDI controller tracks onto the MPC in
> real time by using the front panel buttons.   Any Idea's?

no prob
> I have the FCB going out to the MPC's MIDI-in port #1.  The FCB is
> programed to send MIDI notes on Ch.1. EDP1 is set to MIDI ch. 1 and EDP
> 2 is set to MIDI ch. 2.   Then MIDI out of the MPC's Out-A going into
> the MIDI in of EDP1.  I have a TRS cable connection the brother sync
> ports of both of the EDP's.

> I have MIDI out of EDP1 going into MIDI in
> of EDP2.
> If I connect MIDI out of EDP2 back into the MIDI in "B" of the MPC I
> get a MIDI feedback loop that seems to feed my EDP's some high quality
> crack cocaine.
this is a MPC setting problem search for midi thru and deactivate it

>I also tried sending the EDP2 MIDI OUT back into the FCB
> in and setting it up to Merge so that the new MIDI data on Ch.2 from
> EDP2 could be recorded to track 2 (ch. 2) on the MPC and then I would
> have freed up a MIDI port on my MPC for use with a keyboard.

Midi loop again your feeding the messages back to the edp that will comme
back to the fcb etc

you main problem is you want to have all the master/slave possibilities
without unplugging any cable wich I think will not work soo easyly as you
also have midi clock to provide everywhere and the either the edp or the 
could  be master of  sync and /or master of  button pushes
without a programmable midi patch bay ( with message filtering ) you will
not be able to go from one situation to the other without unplugging

here's a simple way

fcb out , edp1 in, edp1 out, edp 2 in, edp 2 out, mpc1 in, ////////mpc out,
fcb in

edp sync out mpc sync slave
you must disable any midi thru on the mpc

and mute the track you're recording to while you're recording  OR a MIDI
loop will occur

good luck