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RE: EDP sync and sale/resale

No it hasn't but I will certainly check it out...my EDP has always been 
inside a rack.
The memory was upgraded years ago ('99?). I will take it apart tonight and
clean the contacts, re-seat the memory, and see if it helps. And report
back, of course.

Dave Eichenberger


> Sounds like a memory problem. Have you tried cleaning the 
> contacts and re-seating the RAM SIMMs? Has the memory been 
> changed recently?
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>  On the topic of older units...mine just started something new.
> Sometimes,
> it just won't record. There is input, but no output. Turn it 
> off, and on again, it works fine. After 10 mins, it just 
> stops recording. I have to power down. My EDP is from 96 or so. 
> BTW, thanks to Andy for all the help he has given me these 
> past few years. 
> Dave Eichenberger
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