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RIP Robert Quine

Hi. As most of you have no doubt already heard, Robert Quine, guitarist extraordinaire for the Vodoids, Lou Reed, Tom Waits, John Zorn, Material, Brian Eno and oh so many more, has died. This man recorded some incredible music, intense, original, beautiful. And although I;m not sure how much he utilized looping techniques, his music was certainly concerned with the same essential things that most of us loopers are-- texture, repetition--, rather than the usual riffs most rock guitarists churn out.  So if you don't know his stuff seek some of it. Try John Zorn's Big Gundown, or Lou Reed's Blue Mask, or Tom Waits' Raindogs for starters. (Please feel free to disagree with my choices and suggest more. The more focus on Quine the better) You'll be happy you did. And if you do know him, then you can mourn with me...
One last thing, if anyone is interested in mounting a tribute concert or cd, count me in of course. i think that loopers would make great reinterpreters of Quine's stuff.
David Farewell
Palo Alto, CA

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