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Re: 1st Loop Workaround in Ableton's LIVE 4.0

On 2004-06-08, at 00.32, thetoyroom@comcast.net wrote:

> i've been following this thread with interest, as I use Live 3 for my 
> recording and compositions.  I had tried to set it up as a 'live 
> looper' with my Behringer FCB midi pedal, and it just didn't have the 
> immediacy that I wanted, compared with my Repeater.  I gave up a bit 
> soon, admittedly.
> with this discussion, i've been intrigued to maybe start again, 
> especially after seeing Rick's/Ableton's suggested workarounds.

That's the usual method used by most ppl who loop live in Live! But it 
takes a lot of midi foot pads address all those live clips individually 
(you have to work in the session view). However you might get an almost 
"repeater-like" immediacy by using the freeware 
http://www.charlie-roberts.com/controlAid/build/currentBuild.zip. It's 
for Mac OS X. With this little add-on you can program your FCB1010 with 
different buttons for certain functions and another foot button to 
change track in Live's session view. When you do that - change live 
track - the software makes it possible to keep the same foot pads for 
the same functions, but now on the new track.

> that being said, sarth, are you saying that a loop can be recorded, IN 
> REAL TIME, and not be 'warped' by Live?  I don't think this is the 
> case.  Even pre-existing loops that are brought into Live are 'warped' 
> and 'looped' by default.  And then if you turn of 'warp', then it will 
> no longer loop.

I guess you are right about this. But, does that really matter as long 
as you stay in the same tempo? If you play an instrument along with 
Live and just press the record foot button to record yourself it will 
result in a clip that plays back at its original tempo and then warping 
doesn't have to kick in, even if activated by default. I don't get the 
point here? Besides, I even like the glitches that comes with extreme 
warping (changing tempo or just Live's reference to "origingal tempo"). 
Although I like the Repeaters glitches better.

All the best

Per Boysen