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RE: 1st Loop Workaround in Ableton's LIVE 4.0

> Live has the ability to defeat the time-stretching functionality on any
> sample. So having the software extract the tempo from the object length
> on a non-timestretched sample should actually be a relatively simple
> task. This is a one-click operation in Logic, a drag and drop in Kyma,
> and a two footswitch press on the Adrenalinn.

i've been following this thread with interest, as I use Live 3 for my 
recording and compositions.  I had tried to set it up as a 'live looper' 
with my Behringer FCB midi pedal, and it just didn't have the immediacy 
that I wanted, compared with my Repeater.  I gave up a bit soon, 

with this discussion, i've been intrigued to maybe start again, especially 
after seeing Rick's/Ableton's suggested workarounds.

that being said, sarth, are you saying that a loop can be recorded, IN 
REAL TIME, and not be 'warped' by Live?  I don't think this is the case.  
Even pre-existing loops that are brought into Live are 'warped' and 
'looped' by default.  And then if you turn of 'warp', then it will no 
longer loop.

furthermore, if you uncheck 'warp', and let the sample sit there, Live 
isn't going to calculate its tempo and alter the host tempo to match.  The 
sample is just going to sit there, right?

Granted, I'm thinking about this a bit from the 'Arrange' window paradigm, 
and not the 'session' window.

Unfortunately, I'm not in front of my audio computer at the moment to 
confirm some of your ideas, but I'm really interested in this discussion 

For my own little advertisement, Live feels so good to work with.  I have 
been on a rollercoaster ride of DAW software over the last 3+ years to 
find a comfortable recording system that allows for professional results, 
without the creativity 'buzzkill'.  Gone through Logic, Cubase SX, Acid, 
and now to Live.

Just got Lounge Lizard, and am running it into Live via Plogue's Bidule.  
Easily the nicest sounding Rhodes i've played with!  Yummy!

and now back to your scheduled program...