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glide hall loop algorythm LEXICON PCM 80


I  try to find  LEXICON pcm 80 user.

I play alto and baritone saxophone with a DJ who mix two turntables.We do 
live electronic set.
I don't use other computer for that gig's.

I send the saxophone  sounds in a Lexicon PCM 80 with 1.1 system, and in a 
korg synthetiseur MS 20, with the aux 1 an  2 of a Mackie 16 02 mix table .
For that i play in a microphone, then with the aux 1, i send the sound to 
the korg and with the aux 2, to the Lexicon.
I use an ernie ball volume pédal to control the sound in the MS 20.
I use an ernie ball volume pédal to control the midi parameters inside the 
PCM 80.
I bllow in saxophones and i move the pédals.

Inside the Lexicon the midi tips in the control page is set up with 
footswitch1 ,footswitch2, and foot pédal.The volume pédal is connected 
two stéréo cables outside the pédal, an one stéréo cable in the PCM in the 
foot-controler enter.

I program the first line inside the pro mode of the lexicon with, for 
exemple :
Source : footswitch 1
Destination : Mid Rt
0 : 0,25 ms
127 : 45 sec
AND IT WORKS with the volume pédal.

When i play loops with the algorythm Glide hall, the tempo problem occur.
The tempo falll down quickly, with feedback at 100 percent and with all 
parameters at 0 ms in all the glide hall line. I catch four or eight times 
of saxophone sounds, and after four turns the tempo fall down, dramma with 
the DJ !!
Just for exemple :
source : footswitch 1
destination : feedback
0 : 10 %
127 : 100 %

Do you have any solution ?
Do you know another one algorythm who do the loops ?

Perhaps I need another hardware STEREO loop machine to have precise live 
So what' new about that kind of machine, and what can be a good stéréo 
choice, with a nice sound, and good connections.

does somebody use the Numark 5000 FX for looping ?

Thank's for your answering.

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