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I would like to suscribe to your mailinng list.

I play saxophone and make loops live with a Lexicon PCM 80, glide hall 
and a volume pédal (0 to 127, footswitch1,2, and foot pédal).
The machine is great but the tempo falll down quickly, even with the 
parameters at 0 ms.
If there is one or more users of Lexicon, i would like to know how to fix 
the beat, i need some help.

Perhaps I need another hardware stéréo loop machine.
So what' new about that kind of machine, and what can be a good stéréo 
choice, with a nice sound,
and good connections.

My name is Daniel BROTHIER
My adress : totalrtt@hotmail.com

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gratuitement avec vos amis !