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Re: building a midi loopstation

At 12:23 PM -0500 6/3/04, Catilyne wrote:

>Depending on how complicated you wish to get, most MIDI sequencers 
>(i.e. Cubase) will allow you to map the basic transport functions 
>such as record, play, stop, etc. to MIDI note numbers.
>You could possibly send a MIDI note from your D4 to begin recording 
>a phrase, then another to stop recording, then one to play the loop. 
>You'd have to be somewhat adept at your timing, but then, you're a 
>drummer...  ;)

If Cubase allows you to trigger two commands with a single MIDI note 
then you could create a trigger that would send a "stop record" 
message immediately followed by a "play" command. You might have to 
fiddle with the timing between those two commands to get it working 

Before Max I used to control my TC2290 via system exclusive messages 
from Vision. I was able to do quite a lot, but as soon as I got my 
hands on Max alpha that became my programming interface.

I don't think Max is necessarily overkill if you approach programming 
with the idea of using just those elements you need. There is a large 
and helpful community of users to get you started.

Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202