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Re: building a midi loopstation

At 12:07 PM 6/3/2004, Rick Williamson wrote:
>If your using Windows XP you can run Max, 30 days for free.

Max will certainly do what you're looking for, but may end up being a bit 
of overkill.  Depending on how complicated you wish to get, most MIDI 
sequencers (i.e. Cubase) will allow you to map the basic transport 
functions such as record, play, stop, etc. to MIDI note numbers.

You could possibly send a MIDI note from your D4 to begin recording a 
phrase, then another to stop recording, then one to play the loop.  You'd 
have to be somewhat adept at your timing, but then, you're a drummer...  ;)

It may be more rudimentary than you're looking for, but if you're looking 
for something simple it may do the trick.


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