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RE: Sound insulating doors in a studio space

As a rule of thumb, sound travels either via air or some pyhsical medium
(ie, walls/floors/doors etc.).
Airborne sound is comparatively easy to contain & if the problem is really
just the door seal you can try fridge door gasket materials which use
magnetic seals. You can also get industrial fridge door handles which
squeeze the door tightly shut, you've probably seen these in rehearsal
rooms. A second door makes a difference too.
Lower frequencies tend to be harder to contain as you need to increase the
mass of the physical structure to damp its resonance. Solid hardwood doors
are best of course, but you can increase the mass by fixing Revac sheeting
to the door if you need to. (This is also the stuff to use to build bass
traps). http://www.wardlestoreys.co.uk/index1.htm This is (I think) a kind
of lead/cork composite, either way its damn heavy so you'd need some major
hinges on the door.
While I think of it, you may be interested in Tico flooring
Using decent speaker stands on spikes could help to reduce the physical
coupling of the speaker/room structure too.
Sorry, bit of a brain dump there, hope some of its useful

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