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RE: asynchronous loops?

Title: RE: asynchronous loops?

>>I think I recall that Bob Sellon's Jamman upgrade does that.  Max Valentino would know if that is the case.<<

have a look at this:


but I suspect that the answer is "no". this upgrade seriously enhances the jamman's capabilities but I've not installed it in either of my band's units because our guitarist had a hard enough time dealing with the extra memory after the first upgrade I did.... :-)

my favourite part about this software is the ability to go between delay & "normal jamman" mode on the fly. it can be configured (clunkily, mind..) to provide a sort of undo. perhaps most amazing, given the constraints of the pre-existing hardware, is the ability to run different loops simultaneously, panned across the stereo output. I'd always assumed the device was essentially mono; my guess now is that the box shared a lot of hardware with other lex boxes.

I think the answer to the original question is to get several looping devices. I'd like my repeaters a lot more if they could run two or three different loop-lengths simultaneously.....

but at least I can get around this by using both of them together!



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