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Re: Pitch Shifter

Hi Jon,

Im afraid youre right ! Mhhh..

Greeting Jens.

> Jens wrote:
> >Since were playing jazz I dont wanna stay in the same harmonic context
> all
> the time. But when I create a
> >new loop with a different chord the hole energy goes down to much. I 
> to keep the flow. So I want to
> >take the loop and just transponse it 4 notes up for example.
> It sure seems like you should have bought a repeater.  Make your loops in
> there, then you can trigger the root of the chord progression on a
> keyboard
> or midi footpedal to make the repeater "follow" the chord changes.  The
> repeater assumes you record the loop in C, so if you hit a C on the
> keyboard
> it'll return the loop to home pitch, so you'd have to get good at the
> mental
> transpose stuff when you're not playing in C to start, but it works 
> darn good and has a lot of range without excessive coloration.
> Jon

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