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Re: midi foot controller for loop triggers manipulation et al

Hi Tias,

In Live there is no way to "trig selected clip" from external midi. 
However this can be done with the computer keyboard by using the arrow 
keys and the return key. So a way to do what you are saying is to use a 
third application that will transform incoming midi data to computer 
key strokes. I know there is such a utility for Windows available and 
for Mac I guess it's easy to set it up with some apple scripting (?). 
Maybe that's what Charlie did to come up with ControlAid?


On 2004-05-19, at 14.03, Tias wrote:

> Seems like my first reply didn't go through.. So here it is again. :)
> Why not just set one pedal to trigg selected sample on each channel in
> Ableton and then 2 pedals to controll scroll select up and down.
> That should give room for pretty nifty foot-work on the FCB.. ;)
> /Tias
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> From: "Per Boysen" <boye@chello.se>
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> Sent: Tuesday, May 18, 2004 1:58 PM
> Subject: Re: midi foot controller for loop triggers manipulation et al
>> Yes, the FCB is quite big, but there's nothing like it in the same
>> price range.
>> If you are planning to loop live with Ableton Live, triggered by a 
>> foot
>> pedal, you will need a lot of midi pads for your tap dancing. This is
>> because you have to address each loop on each audio channel directly.
>> So you need a dedicated midi message to start or stop each loop. One
>> way to get around this is to use the little software ControlAid. Can 
>> be
>> downloaded for free at http://www.charlie-roberts.com/controlAid/. 
>> This
>> software will let you manipulate Ableton Live from a FCB1010 in a way
>> similar to how you work a Repeater from the FCB.
>> All the best
>> Per Boysen
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>> http://www.boysen.se
>> http://www.looproom.com
>> On 2004-05-18, at 13.22, mick ritchie wrote:
>>> Hi all
>>> sorry to start here with a basic question - Ive looped for a long 
>>> time
>>> with samplers computers and minidiscs but have gone back to some
>>> guitar in a duo and need to find a decent little midi footpedal to
>>> trigger AbletonLive and other software - both loops and control
>>> changes
>>> I picked up an fcb1010 for another job and found Id got an older 
>>> model
>>> and couldnt get it working in time without the current eprom chip so
>>> it went back - I also thought it a bit big for carrying about and
>>> thought maybe someone out there could recommend something more 
>>> compact
>>> - like half the size with a contol pedal and some switches that I
>>> could program without too much of a headache?
>>> Or if the 1010 is the most flexible beast Ive now sourced a current
>>> model in a different shop
>>> mick ritchie
>>> try out http://www.resonancefm.com for loops insanity and plaster
>>> casts fm artradio for London UK