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Re: 4ms' Dann working on looper pedal

if i remember right thats been in the works since 99(when i get my
noiseswash from soundshimmer/3ms pedals)
id love to see what hed come up as far as loopers go as i love his work, i
have a swash and a triwave and have been wanting an atoner for ages
but as you said, no breath holding should be in order


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Sent: Friday, May 14, 2004 4:03 PM
Subject: 4ms' Dann working on looper pedal

> Posted to the commonsound forum:
> "dont hold your breath, but ive been working on
> something for the past year or so.. its getting closer
> but still nothing to show. minutes of sample time,
> multiple simultaneous loops/"one-shots", variable
> windows and of course insane cross-modulation
> networks...
> ahem.. like i said, don't hold your breath"
> I have a Triwave on order from 4ms, plus other toys to
> keep me busy for a long time, but this is interesting
> news to me.
> Paolo
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