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PERCUSSIONISTS who loop in public

I was updating a mailing list of mine tonight and decided for the hey of it
to try and see how many people I was in contact with who are percussionists
drummers who loop live, either solo or with groups, since that is what I do
in my performances.

Here is a partial list of those that I know.
I must say that the intention of creating such a list is for the purposes 
commonality/communication and community
and my sincerest apologies to anyone that I may have left out because of
various lapses in memory.    Please contact me
Please help me to make it a more complete list and please forgive me if I
have accidentally forgotten you..............I'm pretty tired
tonight..............still coming down from Loopstock.............lol.

I'll republish this list when everyone who wants to be included is on it.

1)  a very partial list of percussionist/drummers who use live looping
devices in their performances:

Amy X Neuburg
Andre Custodio
Bill Smith
Damon Grossman
David Kirkdorffer
Gino Robair
James Lanpheer
Jon Wagner
Koorosh Daryaie
Larry the "O"  Oppenheimer
Michael Stauffer
Rick Walker
Scott Amendola
Steve Rice
Steve Robertson
Timothy Crowe
Wally Schnalle

2) some who are primarily melodic loopers who, nonetheless use live
percussion loops to augment their live shows:

Gareth Whittock
Gary Regina
Luis Angulo

3) some who are primarily melodic loopers who are nonetheless, very 
drum machine programmers
in their work:

Michael Haumesser
George Demarest
Matt Davignon (who should be singled out for his exclusive use of drum
machines in some of his shows)

4) some who are primarily melodic loopers who use beatboxing in their live

Andrew Chaiken (aka Kid Beyond)
Hans Lindauer
Per Boysen
Michael Shieffel
I include myself here because I  use a lot of beatboxing.

5)  any other categories I may have missed?    perhaps everyone could list
their favorite rhtymic influences from amongst the
non-percussionist/drummers on the list...............I've certainly been
inspired by Claude Voit and Andre La Fosse's rhythmic approaches amongst
others, for example,