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I wanted to send my endorsement of LOOPSTOCK in as well:

Not only have I learned a hell of a lot by attending the past two
LOOPSTOCK's but the
feeling of community and the sense of fun has been really wonderful for me.
I've learned new techniques;
watched people be creative with the same tools that I have but in 
different ways and watched the live looping
community really grow aesthetically and in presentation.   The difference 
everyone's sets from one year to the next has
been really inspiring to me.

Every year I leave just buzzing with creativity and a feeling that what we
are doing as a community really matters.

Hell, I just did a gig with the wonderful singer/songwriter/producer Kenny
Edwards (Linda Rondstadt, Karla Bonoff, Brindle)
the other night and he was using a Line 6 to loop under his solos.  He's a
typical singer/songwriter.........not a looper, per se, but
  I know that all the work we've done has helped make it so that live
looping is being accepted as a normal thing (as opposed to the 'strange,
new' thing that it has been for the past ten years since the popular 
loopers have hit the market).

I'll be there with bells and whistles on and I hope everybody who can makes
it down to Los Ossos (San Luis Obispo).
That's Saturday, May 1st.............plan to stay over for the wonderful
Sunday brunch that follows each of these events.
I've met some amazing artists and contacts at this brunch.

Yours,   Rick Walker    aka L()()p.p()()L

ps  and if you are in the Bay Area come check out Jon Wagner's and my set 
the Found Object Festival at the San Jose Museum of Art
tomorrow (Sunday at 2 p.m. and don't forget to set your clocks forward).
We'll be using all kinds of looping tricks with whatever
junk and found objects the audience will bring us (which is all we are
allowed to make music out of).   It's going to be very fun and creative
and Loopers Delights' own Matt Davignon will be performing along with a
great roster of other artists