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Re: EDP record foot switch acting up

Hi there,

It sounds all too familiarly like a problem with the switch itself. 
is the one that gets the most use/abuse so it's not too surprising that it 
goes first. I've replaced a few over the years.

Try Mouser Electronics Part# 10PA005

View it on their website at: 

They're a little more than $1 US from Mouser. I bought a bag of 20 from 
for around $17 a few years back -- which I figure will be a lifetime 
supply. I 
have no idea what the exchange rate will be for you (or if there are 
import/customs duties to figure in). But they're not too hard to replace 
if you are 
the least bit handy with a soldering iron. Buy a few extras  and keep 'em 
away for future emergencies.

Good luck.

tEd  kiLLiAn