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RE: Hardware hack - replacing a pot with a switch?

It really does depend on what the circuit actually does but, it should be

Let me dream up a scenario let us say that what happens in this circuit 
certain resistance cause the circuit to do one thing or another so, at 5k
ohms resistance of the circuit cause a unity tone (or no difference from 
fundamental) and that at 10k ohms the circuit produces a note one octave
higher. This would leave you the option of using a switch that gives you 
option of being set at either 5k ohms or 10k ohms of resistance and this
would produce a unison or an octave higher note depending on the switch
position. Yes it might also be that a circuit resistance of 0 ohms and
infinate (or no connection would produce the result) so, why not consider
giving it a try if you feel confortable with your abilities to restore the
circuit should you not like the results. Do remember the numbers of
resistance were purely abstract an may not meet the requirements of the
particular circuit in order to produce the desired results but,
experimentation and some mesurements may produce the results you are

Happy Holidays

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Subject: Hardware hack - replacing a pot with a switch?

I've realized that the only way I use my Digitech PDS 2000 is to hold a 
phrase, then twist the delay time pot all the way up or down, giving me 
a two-octave pitch jump.  I sometimes do this with other pedals too, 
that is, I don't need fine-tuning, just the extreme settings for a pot.  
Generally, or specifically speaking with this pedal, is it possible to 
replace a pot with a switch?  If so, how would I figure out the value of 
the switch I'd need?   I'm handy with a solder gun, but awful with math...

The coolest thing would be if I could add a switch in addition to the pot.


Daryl Shawn