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RE: EDP Feedback Ctrl

Also in LoopIV there is the InterfaceMode called ReplaceMode. The pedal 
controls both feedback and loop output volume simultaneously. The result 
you hear the level reduction for feedback immediately instead of on the 
next loop pass. try it.

At 07:01 AM 11/30/2003, Glenn Poorman wrote:
>  Second, are you
>using Loop IV? In Loop IV, a display was added that appears
>when you begin adjusting the feedback either with the knob or
>with a pedal. The visual feedback helped a lot and giving me
>a ton more control of the feedback level via a pedal.

> > From: Bernhard Wagner [mailto:loopdelightml@nosuch.biz]
> > I have a difficulties using the feedback pedal on the EDP:
> > When I have established a loop that I want to continuously play but 
> > its general volume, I use the pedal. But I find it hard to control the 
> pedal
> > precisely, because a) I only hear in the next loop by what amount I 
> > actually reduced the volume and b) I must release the pedal very 
> > at the loop's length in order to avoid sudden volume jumps.

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