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RE: EDP Feedback Ctrl

This used to bother me a bit as well. A couple of suggestions
though. How big is your pedal. I found that with, for example,
a big Ernie Ball volume pedal, I seem to get a little more
control (more smooth like a big luxury car). Second, are you
using Loop IV? In Loop IV, a display was added that appears
when you begin adjusting the feedback either with the knob or
with a pedal. The visual feedback helped a lot and giving me
a ton more control of the feedback level via a pedal.


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> From: Bernhard Wagner [mailto:loopdelightml@nosuch.biz] 
> Sent: Sunday, November 30, 2003 7:28 AM
> To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
> Subject: EDP Feedback Ctrl
> Hi
> I have a difficulties using the feedback pedal on the EDP:
> When I have established a loop that I want to continuously play but
> its general volume, I use the pedal. But I find it hard to control the
> precisely, because a) I only hear in the next loop by what amount I
> actually reduced the volume and b) I must release the pedal very
> at the loop's length in order to avoid sudden volume jumps.
> I have uploaded a 13 second/200KB mp3-snippet to demonstrate the
> http://nosuch.biz/soundz/lp1.mp3
> Shortly after 05:00 seconds you will hear a sudden rise in volume.
> Thank you
> Bernhard