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RE: EDP - newbie problem - feedback @ 100%, but loop fades away ...

upgrading to LoopIV might help it also. We added some things in the 
software to make this sort of hardware issue much less likely to cause the 
fade outs.

At 12:56 PM 11/24/2003, Andy Ewen wrote:
>That sounds like a crystal tolerance problem. Send me your address and
>I'll send a couple. They are a bit tricky to replace, but the problem
>can often be cured by changing the audio Coded chip, (large 68-pin
>affair on the left of the PCB) as some seem to accept a wider tolerance
>on the crystals. I'll send a couple of these as well so you can try that
>first. You will need a PLCC removal tool or you may damage the chips but
>they only take seconds to swap out.

>-----Original Message-----
>From: steve jones [mailto:stevejones@hotpop.com]
>  I have a beige EDP v3.5, full memory with foot controller.  I have
>noticed a strange thing - when I record a loop and leave the feedback
>at 100% (fully clockwise) the loop seems to keep going indefinately,
>but if I do some overdubs the whole thing starts to fade out very
>slowly (over 10 mins or so).

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