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RE: EDP - newbie problem - feedback @ 100%, but loop fades away ...

That sounds like a crystal tolerance problem. Send me your address and
I'll send a couple. They are a bit tricky to replace, but the problem
can often be cured by changing the audio Coded chip, (large 68-pin
affair on the left of the PCB) as some seem to accept a wider tolerance
on the crystals. I'll send a couple of these as well so you can try that
first. You will need a PLCC removal tool or you may damage the chips but
they only take seconds to swap out.

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Subject: EDP - newbie problem - feedback @ 100%, but loop fades away ...

Hi All,
 I have a beige EDP v3.5, full memory with foot controller.  I have
noticed a strange thing - when I record a loop and leave the feedback
at 100% (fully clockwise) the loop seems to keep going indefinately,
but if I do some overdubs the whole thing starts to fade out very
slowly (over 10 mins or so). I'm not leaving the overdub on all this
time, just record a loop, overdub a couple of times the leave it
running and the volume slowly drops. One time , when the sound was
almost gone I repeatedly pressed undo 40 or 50 or more times and the
level came back up. The overdub light is not lit on (orange) while
this happens - any ideas?