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Bartender's Opinions (was Dad's in Poway gig report)

Steve Goodman wrote:

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> Sent: Sunday, November 23, 2003 22:30 PM
> Subject: Dad's in Poway gig report
> > So no list members down at Dad's (where David danced with Brenda)
> yesterday
> > but I did use the looper (just for electric guitar) for several pieces,
> > including a 16-bar blues, which I used as a rhythm section whilst I
> strolled
> > the premises with a harmonica--good sized building.  I am hoping it 
> > well enough that I can pitch them for a loop afternoon concert--stay
> tuned.
> >
> > I thought I did pretty well, until I was informed by Candy (she tries 
> > handle me--good luck) that she overheard the bartender in a 
> > after my performance:
> >
> > PATRON:  Who are those fools? (indicating the next band, teenagers,
> dressed
> > in bluejean rockabilly garb)
> >
> > MARY ANN:  I don't know but I hope they're better than the last guy
> >
> > Oh well, no one can please everyone . . .  but we try.
> >
> > I will talk the Sean, one of the owners, and see what HE thought . . .
> When I went to the then-fairly-new House of Blues (Sunset) in 1997 to see
> Fripp on his first Soundscapes tour, I had a seat at the bar on the right
> side of the stage (from which I had a great view of him twiddling all the
> equipment), and the bartender, a body-builder type, kept making these
> stupid, ignorant comments like "Ooooh, man, I left my mushrooms at 
> and crap like that.  I made a note to report his ass, but Robert's two 
> left me without the slightest malicious thought in my head.
> In short, bartenders shouldn't be trusted for their musical tastes, 
> they own the joint.
> Steve Goodman
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> * http://www.earthlight.net

I have a good bartender anecdote from a gig this past Saturday.  As I was
setting up my equipment(Gator Rack with EDP and Mixer, POD, Pedal board 
in this pub that I frequently play the Bartender said to me:  "Wow, that's 
lot of stuff".  As I explained that I use realtime looping in my songs, he
looked at me with recognition and said: "Oh yeah, that's right, you're the 
Guy! Cool!"

Just thought that I'd share,
a.ka. The Echo Guy :-)