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Dad's in Poway gig report

So no list members down at Dad's (where David danced with Brenda) yesterday
but I did use the looper (just for electric guitar) for several pieces,
including a 16-bar blues, which I used as a rhythm section whilst I 
the premises with a harmonica--good sized building.  I am hoping it went
well enough that I can pitch them for a loop afternoon concert--stay tuned.

I thought I did pretty well, until I was informed by Candy (she tries to
handle me--good luck) that she overheard the bartender in a conversation
after my performance:

PATRON:  Who are those fools? (indicating the next band, teenagers, dressed
in bluejean rockabilly garb)

MARY ANN:  I don't know but I hope they're better than the last guy

Oh well, no one can please everyone . . .  but we try.

I will talk the Sean, one of the owners, and see what HE thought . . .