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Re: EDP BrotherSync

I have an Oberheim EDP and a Gibson EDP (from the "group buy").  I've
noticed that synchronization of my two EDPs drift since I upgraded them to
the newest version software.  This didn't happen before.

Has anyone else encountered this?


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Sent: Friday, November 21, 2003 6:22 AM
Subject: Re: EDP BrotherSync

> some EDPs of different ages really dont sync up at sample level.
> the solution is to replace the crystals.
> the easiest is to x-replace between the two units so that Y1 of the
> older unit is exchanged with the Y2 of the older, but this may cause
> the units not to start up the first time you switch them on and still
> does not garantee you are syncable to the new units once you meet
> another brother.
> so the good way is to replace all 4 cristals by some new ones you can
> get from Shane or Andy <sales@comc4p.co.uk>.
> I personally think it would be nice of Gibson to give them for free,
> but dont expect Shane or Andy to do so, because they both work
> independent of Gibson.
> I have a lot more about BrotherSync in my pipe line here, but no time...
> hope you are all well and looping
> Matthias
> >Hello all,
> >
> >I'm new to the list but have been perusing the archives
> >for a while. I am a Chapman Stick player and do quite
> >a bit of looping with the EDP. Recently, I picked up a
> >second EDP to run in stereo using BrotherSync. I've
> >noticed since hooking the unit up, however, that my
> >right and left channels slowly go out of sync as the loop
> >plays.
> >
> >My setup is as follows. One white face EDP and one
> >EDP Plus both running Loop IV. MIDI cable from the out
> >of the master to the in of the slave. A TRS to TRS cable
> >connecting the two BrotherSync jacks. All parameters
> >are identical on the two machines including the sync
> >which is set to "Out".
> >
> >From what I've read in the archives, it appears that plenty
> >of you have run two EDPs in stereo with great success so
> >I can only assume that the blame lies squarely on my shoulders.
> >
> >Any insight would be most welcome.
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Glenn
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