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Re: a general question

> I still remember once at the 2001 "Critical Mass" show, I heard someone
> begin to mutter during a quiet section of the first set, and responded 
>to it
> with guitar as a kind of vocal-paced strum.  It also gave a slightly
> unexpected jolt to the piece (to me and the listeners!), and afterward
> calmed the piece down a bit, as if to fade off an argument of some 
> kind.  The talkers shut up, and I ended up with something more than a 
> "ambient" piece on the MD.
> In retrospect I remembered later that I was really REALLY pissed at 
> having the lack of manners in order to talk loud enough for anyone to 
> let alone me.  My initial desired reaction was to do a loud wham and 
>cause a
> kind of exploding sound, I was thinking of the time Jimmy Page's hand got
> hit with a cherry bomb at Madison Sq Garden in '76, and he let loose 
>with a
> loud whamm! with feedback the likes of which had many of us holding our
> heads.  So I guess the tone I had decided to maintain for the evening
> prevailed.  End result, an interesting piece.
> Steve Goodman

Right On - Don't punish the whole class for the sins of the one.
Work it into the lesson plan.  ;)

Scott M2