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Re: a general question

RE: a general questiongoddard.duncan@mtvne.com put forth:

sometimes it's difficult to know what to do with/for an audience when the
noises you're making aren't danceable-to. personally, I ignore them, so as
not to be offended when they're apparently falling asleep. I reckon that if
someone is asleep within a few minutes of one of our sets or albums
starting, that's a good-job-done. sometimes staring at the musicians or
their attempt at visuals is just not an option (we don't always have time 
sort out and set up video systems), and so they shut their eyes. fine with
me, so long as they paid to get in and they're still there at the end.....

I still remember once at the 2001 "Critical Mass" show, I heard someone
begin to mutter during a quiet section of the first set, and responded to 
with guitar as a kind of vocal-paced strum.  It also gave a slightly
unexpected jolt to the piece (to me and the listeners!), and afterward
calmed the piece down a bit, as if to fade off an argument of some unknown
kind.  The talkers shut up, and I ended up with something more than a quiet
"ambient" piece on the MD.

In retrospect I remembered later that I was really REALLY pissed at someone
having the lack of manners in order to talk loud enough for anyone to hear,
let alone me.  My initial desired reaction was to do a loud wham and cause 
kind of exploding sound, I was thinking of the time Jimmy Page's hand got
hit with a cherry bomb at Madison Sq Garden in '76, and he let loose with a
loud whamm! with feedback the likes of which had many of us holding our
heads.  So I guess the tone I had decided to maintain for the evening
prevailed.  End result, an interesting piece.

Shoes for Industry!

Steve Goodman
* EarthLight Productions
* http://www.earthlight.net