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11/21 in Philly: Gate to Moonbase Alpha

Sorry for the plug, but people in the Philadelphia area or desiring a road 
trip should check this out. How can you beat innovative music and free 

Fri. 11/21, 8pm-12am: Gate to Moonbase Alpha: Infamous monthly series that 
presents ambient/experimental/electronic/improv/psych. music with visuals 

Music from:

Xeroid Entity: Xeroid Entity is constantly exploring new musical territory 
going beyond the barriers of standard conventions while still drawing upon 
classical influences. Their music ranges from light and whimsical to dark 
aggressive, often within the same piece. Much of it is ambient in nature; 
without a discernable beat. When they do play rhythmically based music, 
there are 
often complex counter rhythms giving the music a poly-rhythmic flavor. The 
results can be subtle and spacey without being boring, noisy without being 
dynamic yet continuous. The members of Xeroid Entity are Howard Moscovitz, 
Fox, and Greg Waltzer. (http://xeroid-entity.com)

Plankton: Trio of Philadelphia based musicians working as an ambient free 
improvisational ensemble. The musicians are David Sherick (percussion), 
Champion (trombone and electronics), and David Forlano (toys and 
They include humor, silence, aggression, gentleness, color, and history. 
most Gate to Moonbase Alpha performers, they continue to defy easy 

Justice on a Budget: Experimental, improv, avant-garde, Justice on a 
combines the sound of a classic jazz trio (Upright bass, keys, drums) with 
today's electronic innovations (loops, samples, turntables). 

+Performance art using found objects, fused sound, and the kitchen sink 
The Great Quentini.

+Oil projections and slides from David Gerbstadt. 

+Free vegetarian buffet from Chef Jeff

Free admission for all ages. The Rotunda: 4014 Walnut St., Phila. 
www.foundationarts.org, 215-573-3234.