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RE: power adapters (was RE: Line 6 DL4 users)

Title: RE: power adapters (was RE: Line 6 DL4 users)

yikes! I stand corrected re the pedaltrain. I made a rash assumption based on my guitarist having bought the whole thing on his own with no technical advice, and the fact that his pedaltrain board and psu appear to be related... mea culpa, and apologies if I got anyone else's hopes up.

>>Why Line 6 didn't come out with a separate adapter for the modeling pedals, I don't know, but the 1 SPOT makes an excellent alternative to the bulky single-purpose POD adapter.<<

the psu's I bought for my line6 pedals are the same as the pod psu, and were relatively expensive. maybe other dl4 users can spare themselves this unecessary expense now. the line6 expression pedal is also marked-up; I use an ordinary volume pedal with the tip & ring connections reversed in the jack-plug.

on another topic, I have been having quite a lot of fun with the dod dimension-12 box that I was the sole bidder for on e-bay recently.

the sampler mode is rubbish and doesn't do what the manual says it should; I can't make it play more than one sample at a time and the editing options are absolutely pants.

the delay mode, however, is somewhere between what the dl4 does and what a jam-man does, and I am going to fit some sort of midi-clock interface to the tap-tempo to make it even more fun (and if I succeed, the same approach could be taken with a slightly-modified dl4 pedal).

when I have a bit of time, I will write another review of it for the site.



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