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Re: Why use 2 loopers?

Can't answer for anyone else, but for me the two loopers thing is about 
the music mobile... Music is all about tension and release, a concept which
goes from the trad understanding of it in terms of harmony, to the notion 
expectation and it's fulfillment or confounding and how that provides an
experiential tension or release depending on what happens. There are
rhythmic tensions, textual tensions, and subtle combinations of them all in
terms of phrasing. It's the same reason why very little of my solo stuff is
strictly 'in time' - the timing is controlled, but it has a lot of ebb and
flow in it in order the allow for a more involved sense of rhythmic tension
and release, both within each loop, and between the different loops.

So when I juxtapose two loops that are not in time with one another, it
means that at any one time, the vertical harmonic and textural experience 
'new' - there's enough that's familiar for people to not feel like it's 
random, but the juxtaposition of the material in either loop in a new way
give it that feeling of forward motion, even when the same loop is running
for a number of minutes...

All this stuff was worked on before I got an EDP - back when I had a JamMan
and a DL4, and therefor had no feedback control. With the functions in the
EDP, it's possible to get things shifting without two units (heck, it's
possible with any of the units and some creative thinking, but the
archetecture of the EDP is designed for it) - either in an Andre-esque
glitchy/replace/sub/multiply/FSU kind of way or in a Matthias Grob
fade/evolve/expand/mellowness kind of way. Both of their albums are
excellent source material for what to do with an EDP, and both can be got
from www.cdbaby.com

For my stuff, I'd advice heading over to my site and ordering all four
albums, though feel free to start with the MP3s... ;o)

(new guestbook/forum here - www.stevelawson.net/interact )

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Hi List,

I've been enjoying my Boomerang for a few weeks now, and I'm starting to
develop some questions which I hope you don't mind my asking...

Exactly why and how does one go about using two seperate looping devices?
Maybe someone can explain to me the way they are used together (FWIW, I'm a

Also, is there a list of great looping recordings out there? I'd like to
hear what other people are doing.