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Re: Why use 2 loopers?

"Brian Carabee" <compguy@bestweb.net> inquired:

> Exactly why and how does one go about using two seperate looping devices?
> Maybe someone can explain to me the way they are used together (FWIW, I'm
> guitarist).
> Also, is there a list of great looping recordings out there? I'd like to
> hear what other people are doing.

I be also guitarist primarily!  As the chart will show I've got THREE, the
Digitech 7.6 "Time Machine", and a pair of Zoom 2100's.

I have the Zoom 2100's on an A/B switch for changing destination of input,
with the twin stereo outs to the mixer (Mackie 1202VLZ).  The 7.6 is a
catch-all attached to the Aux Send/Receive on the Mackie.  I use the 7.6
with a pair of Boss footswitches, one opens/closes the loop, the other 
the loop (which is convenient as hell).  Of course the 2100's can do that
lovely 32-second loop record (though no sound-on-sound in that mode), and a
good tape loop simulation in another mode.  This enables several different
ways of use, providing anything from sparse counterpoints to dense
"soundscapes"-style textures between the two, which can then be put into 
7.6 unit as desired.

And, no, I don't like to have to change settings on the fly, or in
mid-piece, but rather set such up before hand, and then execute.

So the "why" of it would, I suppose, be that it's a bit like having more
than one palette, as well as primary and final canvasses.

Any news about the London Looping thang?

Steve Goodman
* EarthLight Productions
* http://www.earthlight.net