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I think I need to adjust my numbers after having seen reason and logic on
the list... If we're talking about 'instruments' that we've used to 
looping or for loop playback, then these are certainly contenders for my
personal list... I also seem to have left off a few things from my list.

So those will be coming to you separately doug.

But it seems like the exhaustive list is a good thing to peruse, even 
'main loopers' may not be the context for some items.

All best and of course in MY humble opinion..


On 11/13/03 8:18 PM, "Doug Cox" <dougcox@pdq.net> wrote:

> Yes, in my humble opinion, there are some devices listed as loopers 
> this survey that are "questionable" re: their ability to actually loop.
> However, I'm going to wait until tomorrow (when I stop tallying) to 
> what to do to narrow down the devices - if I even propose that at all.
> Also, I don't doubt that people are using the VG-8 (purely an example) to
> create long delay lines.  And really, without starting some never-ending
> debate, I don't think we can exclude long delay lines from this survey.
> However, there is something to be said for basic statistics here, and we
> could eliminate the "outliers" from the data before we compile it.  That
> would involve dropping the low occurances... ie, those that were only 
> once or twice across the entire population.
> More thoughts later.  I'm tired!
> Doug
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>>      I didn't know that the VG-8 or VG-88 was used as a looper.  Are you
> sure about this?  Are
>> there any other questionable "loopers" on this list you've compliled?
>>      Stephen
>>>> If you want to correct your data, please email me off-list.  At this
> point,
>>> the general consensus seems to be - if you currently own it, and
> commonly
>>> use it specifically for looping (vs. simple echo/delay) - it's in your
>>> reponse.
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