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RE: Line 6 DL4 users

Title: RE: Line 6 DL4 users

>>The power rating from Line6 is overstated (probably
so people will buy their PS). I think it's closer to
350ma than the 1200ma printed on the back of the

The DL-4 will operate from a DC power supply with
center pin positive.<<

if it runs off AC normally, then it won't care which way up the DC is, surely?
I think the 9V AC/1200mA is enormously overspecced, given that the thing runs off 6V-worth of batteries. however, I'd make sure you have at least 500mA available for it- even expensive batteries only last about an hour in these things.

our guitarist's pedaltrain pedal board drives it quite happily, aswell as a jam-man and about a billion-and-a-half other stomp-boxes.

the pedaltrain has a special output that can simulate low battery voltage (it takes all sorts...) aswell as both polarities of DC and several AC outlets, and doesn't even get warm. only shortcoming is that it's a linear psu and you have to buy the right version for whatever is the prevailing mains voltage. we had to buy a step-up from ratshack to make it work in the states.

musician's friend appear to be knocking them out for about $170, complete with the natty briefcase.



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