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Oakland Clinic/Gig Spam: Jon Wagner and Andre LaFosse

Mr. Wagner and I will be doing an afternoon clinic and evening concert
in Oakland, hosted by none other than Kim Flint himself!

The fine print:

Saturday, November 22, 2003
3150 Adeline St., Oakland, CA 
$10 suggested donation

The schedule:

4:00 PM clinic - come with your questions about looping, and we'll try
to answer them (or at least pretend like we know what we're talking
about.)  The general plan is to focus on dual-EDP concepts like
brothersync, realign, and the like...  but these sorts of events are
always left open to the spur of the moment, so we'll try and address
whatever people there want to know about.

6:00 PM - break for dinner and general hang time.

8:00 PM - the "formal" gig gets underway, with solo and duo performances
by Jon and myself.

Note that this schedule will probably be a bit on the flexible side,
particularly as far as the clinic and dinner break times...

--Andre LaFosse
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