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echoplex: 1.feedback pedal 2.parameter select 3.reverse/multiply

hi, just got an echoplex. i have three questions:

1.feedback pedal: wondering what kind of pedal is needed for the feedback 
control. is it an 'expression pedal' (-does that mean sending control 
voltage/impedence ...??)?
any suggested brands?  (ex: if expression pedal, then line6, or roland e5) 
quality, durability, compatability, wide&adjustable range.

2.parameter select:  i was fooling around on the footswitch pedal when i 
suddenly found myself scrolling through parameters.  i tried to figure out 
if i selected the parameter function by pressing two buttons on the 
footswitch at once... no luck. is it possible?

3.reverse/multiply: sometimes, after a minute or so of repeatedly flicking 
REVERSE/FORWARD as fast as possible (sometimes interjecting stutter w/ 
LOOP) the echoplex starts creating unpredictable versions of my loop or 
together silencing (and then sometimes bringing the original loop back 
one time i was doing this repeated flicking and then hit the multiply and 
loop got shorter and shorter until it was just digital distortion. it was 
amazing. a little surprised, and a little worried that it was potentially 
harmful to my echoplex. anybody w/ common or comparable experiences?

dani oore

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