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The current raw results from the looping tools survey is here:

(or you can go straight to the PDF at

If you want to correct your data, please email me off-list.  At this point,
the general consensus seems to be - if you currently own it, and commonly
use it specifically for looping (vs. simple echo/delay) - it's in your

I have taken down the HTML table version of the data for now.  Instead, I'm
making a PDF version of the spreadsheet available.

The response rate dropped fast on Monday and Tuesday.  If I see that we've
slowed down to less than 1 new response per day, I'll go ahead and call it
and quit tallying.  That's not a threat... it's a promise! :)

Right now the numbers say that 80 people own 251 pieces (that's over 3 
of hardware or software that they use to loop.  There are 60 unique
devices/programs listed, but the most significant representation (% of
owners with that device) seems to be from about 7 devices:  EDP (50%),
Repeater (30%), DL-4 (30%), Jamman (15%), Kaoss Pad (15%), Ableton Live
(10%) and the Boomerang (10%).  Below that, ownership drops below 10% of 
total population, and there's a bunch of onsies and twosies.  Technical


PS - at some point, it would be great if someone applied current market
prices to these devices, and calculated the total and average investment in
looping tools that we represent!  If you just assume an average of $400 per
piece, we're up to >$100,000 among 80 people.  Zowie.