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Re: y2k3 photos

Hi all,

I took a bunch of photos too (or at least my camera did).
Michael Klobuchar used it several times (thanks Mike!).
I sent Rick W. a couple of CD-Rs with all the photos on them
plus one to Robin Haas (for his compilation CD project).

I have no ability to post 'em online myself. I've e-mailed a few
low-res JPEGs out to a couple of folks who've requested them.
But, if all-of-a-sudden every performer was to do the same
I would not possibly be able to even begin to deliver.

I am hoping that somewhere along the line someone can add
them to their web page (I think this may be Rick's intent
but I don't want to put words in his mouth) with links to 
downloadable JPEGs at full resolution. 

However, he is experiencing PC meltdown at the moment.
If anyone else were to "step up to the plate" and offer to
post this "rogue's gallery" online I am sure Mark and I
could send discs to you too. I doubt if Rick would object.

Mark Sottilaro posted/hosted them last year for several 
months on a page he designed for Y2K2 that used to be at:
Thanks Mark, wherever you are!

Are there any takers for doing this for Y2K3? Rick! Are you 
there? We need you input buddy. Y2K3 is your baby and we don't
wanna take over if you have other plans.


tEd  kiLLiAn