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Re: Lovetone stuff

>I have the qm ? flanger-with-no-name, and it's absolutely amazing. It's 
>to feel like extreme settings aren't very useful, but if you hang in there
>and think out-of-the-box,

That's precisely why I'm interested in the pedals, actually. New, 
bizarre sounds can be inspiring--not to mention unique. That's one 
thing the Lovetone pedals seem to excel at.

>As for cost... well, yeah, they're pricey. When I'm low on cash and gaze 
>my ? flanger, I sometimes see $$$$$. Restraint! Restraint! I'd regret
>selling it the second I put it in the box.

Flip side of that same coin: I'm contemplating biting the bullet and 
buying two of the pedals. It's a huge chunk of change up front, but 
if I'm going to keep them for a long, long time, and if they are 
worth every penny in the long run?? Well, you get the idea. I can 
rationalize about anything when it comes to buying gear.