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On 03-11-09 06.51,  "Doug Cox" <dougcox@pdq.net> wrote:

> The current raw results from the looping tools survey is here:
> http://www.mrscox.com/loopers/loopers.PDF)

Nice job, Doug! Very interesting percentage figures at the bottom of the

> Also, please try to list your loopers at the top of your response, 
> your other gear and comments separate.  That helps too!

I'm afraid you missed to list my Repeater.

My apologizes for not posting in a well formatted way! If I had known about
your ambition to sum it all up in such an excellent way I should have put 
like this:

--> Hardware:
1 EDP LoopIV, 1 Repeater.

--> Looping software:
Ableton Live 3.0, Lexicon PSP42.

Other gear and comments:

--> Sound shaping hardware:
Akai MFC42 analogue filter bank, Fostex LXP-5 Reverb.

--> Sound shaping software:
Emagic Logic with synced effect plug-ins (also sending sequences to the
Repeater for beat synced pitch bouncing of loops). More Feedback Machine by
Urs Heckman (beat synced step filter plug-in).

--> Hardware midi control interfaces:
Behringer FCB1010 pedal board, Evolution UC-33 midi mixer.

--> Computers:
Live: IBM ThinkPad P3/700 MHz with M-Audio Audiophile USB.
Studio: IBM ThinkPad backed up by a Mac G5 2x2GHz (laptop handling all the
Live looping and sending a stereo S/PDIF into the Mac which is also
recording the direct instrument signal, to a different track than the 
loop mangling)

All set-ups are changing all the time, but the above is what's going on 
here at the moment.

Best wishes

Per Boysen