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Yes!  Check out that message count!  Another landmark event on this list,
that once again points out...  well... a lot of things... but primarily the
fact that loopers love to talk about themselves!! :)  Me too, I'll bite.

(2) Gibson Echoplex Digital Pros
Ableton Live

For more traditional delay lines, I use:
TC Electronics G-Major (always)
Boss/Roland GT-6 (sometimes)

And just because I'm joining in the "tell us about yourself" spirit of this

(I've been changing between these on and off for over a year, based on what
I was trying to do)
a Rivera Knucklehead 100 w/ matching 4x12
a Gibson Goldtone GA30-RVS
or the GT-6 into 1 or 2 Roland JC-120's

Fender Deluxe Nashville Power Tele (that's a mouthful!)
Fernandes Retrorocket Pro (w/ Sustainer)
Fender MIM Stratocaster
(my current craving, wishlist, consideration-kinda-thing: an 8 string Warr
Guitar and the practice time to learn to play it!)

Behringer FCB-1010 Footcontroller

Event EZ-Bus Mixer
(I bring my guitar preamp signal in, and send to the EDPs, the G-Major,
Ableton Live, and other manglers I have laying around, and send the main
outs to the poweramp.  Sounds complicated, but it's very simple, and I can
take any device in/out of the mix, in various orders, using EZBus presets)

Mini-ITX system (it's on the way here, anyway!) w/ Audiophile 2496

4-space shallow rack
Giant duffel bag that can carry the rack, GT6, FCB1010, and EZBus!  Pretty
heavy mofo, but I can carry it!

Based on all of this possible crap, I have a few configurations for 
I always bring the guitar preamp into the EZBus, and keep the EDPs, GMajor
and MiniITX (if used) on the sends.  I always use the FCB1010 to control 
EDPs, GMajor, EZBus and Ableton Live.  So, basically, my mixer, w/ all of
it's loopadelic friends, sits in the traditional "fxloop" of which ever
guitar amp I'm using.

Small, flexible, good for almost everything, but no tubes:
GT6 into EZBus w/ goodies into 1 JC120
(add the 2nd JC120 for head spinning craziness that's hardly worth lugging
the 2nd amp)

Big, loud, heavy, but incredible guitar tone from tubes:
Rivera fxloop into EZBus w/ goodies back into Rivera poweramp thru the 4x12

Medium sized, still great tube tone, same stuff to carry as small rig but
much heavier amp:
Gibson Goldtone fxloop into EZBus w/ goodies back into Gibson poweramp and

Add to any of these the MiniITX box...

Who's tallying the looper data?  I think it would be great to compile in 
same format as in David's post (the 1997 survey) and see the changes.

That's it, I'll shutupnow.