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RE: Staying in sync with a drum machine when using half speed and reverse

Title: RE: Staying in sync with a drum machine when using half speed and reverse

>>i always thought that was a superior feature of the EDP to the Repeater. because
the Repeater doesn't quantise for shit, half-speed and reverse were practically
useless to me.<<

don't want to start a fight or anything- maybe your experiences with the repeater were with an early version or something, but I've had no problems with reversing and changing speed. in fact, it's quite entertaining the way the repeater tries to get back in sync. it definitely gets there eventually though, and when you think about what it's doing, it's really quite elegant. it has an easier time of it when there's an external clock, but it tries it's damnedest even with just incoming audio to keep it on track.



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